Assorted Links 27.01.2021


You Should (Probably) Sell Your Cryptocurrencies

Yesterday, I sold almost all of my cryptocurrencies, securing a decent 20% margin for *checks notes* a net gain of 33 Euros and 78 cents. Time to pad my back for the savvy crypto investor that I am. But I pulled out for the sake of doing the right thing, even if the stakes were not particularly high.

The reason I sold my coins was this article: The Bit Short: Inside Crypto’s Doomsday Machine. The short story is this: … more

Anti-Aging – Overview of the State of the Art

On Lesswrong JackH posted a very interesting overview of aging and the scientific progress made to reverse it.

If we think about aging as a disease like any other, it does indeed pose a huge problem:

Aging is the biggest killer worldwide, and also the largest source of morbidity. Aging kills 100,000 people per day; more than twice the sum of all other causes of death. This equates to 37 million people – a population the size of


Assorted Links – January 14th 2021

Here is a short list of links that I found interesting, but where I don’t have the time to write more in-depth about:


Three Months of Crowd-Forecasting Covid-19

Note: I posted this on the LessWrong Forum on December 31st 2020. It is somewhat related to this post I made about the project previously.

Forecasting is hard and many forecasting models do not do a particularly good job. The question is: can humans do better? And if so, how can we best use that? This is what I have tried to investigate in the last few months. 

Many platforms like Metaculus, Good Judgement, or the Delphi more