Assorted Links 27.01.2021

  • Slate Star Codex, a fantastic blog, is back! Now under the name AstralCodexX
  • Access the weather from your terminal by simply typing in curl
  • A Guide for Productivity
  • Paper on Plitidepsin, a drug against different forms of cancer that proved to be highly effective against Covid-19 in mouse models. It did, however, fail to get Market Authorization in the EU twice for treatment against multiple myeloma (but is authorized as a last resort in Australia).
  • German media Handelsblatt (German link) ran a story where they cite a source within the German Health ministry that said that the AstraZeneca was under 10% effective in seniors. When challenged, they doubled down on the claim. I find it somewhat implausible, but regardless of the outcome this is an interesting case of political reporting.
  • Tired of long web conferences? You can fake connection issues using

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