Thursday, 20.02.2020 – Large Scale Population Movements From Blue To Red States in The US

Link of the day: Seismic shifts in economic and demographic power are occurring across America.

From the article:

According to Census Bureau estimates, between 2010 and 2019, New York led the losing states, with a net domestic-migration loss of 1.379 million, followed by California (912,000), Illinois (856,000) and New Jersey (491,000). The big gainers were red, led by Florida, which gained 1.29 million, Texas (1.15 million), North Carolina (476,000), and Arizona (454,000). These states are often the destinations for blue-state refugees.

It seems somewhat unclear, whether that influx of new citizens from blue states makes the receiving states more Democrat, as the propensity to leave seems to be higher among conservative voters.

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