Saturday, 08.02.2020 – Why do PISA Results of Immigrant Students Depend so strongly On Country of Origin

Link of the day: Why Do the Results of Immigrant Students Depend So Much on Their Country of Origin and so Little on Their Country of Destination?

When students move to a new country, their performance in schools is strongly dependent on their country of origin. Even though the countries they are moving to should have (on average) better education systems, their performs seems to resemble more the country of origin than the country they now live in. According to the paper this seems to be true even for second-generation immigrants. This is a very interesting finding and highlights areas we should look into to effectively improve education outcomes.

I found the below graph on the oecd website which uses data from the 2015 PISA database to illustrate the point. This is really interesting and I am sure I do not fully understand the reasons why. Feel free to drop a comment if you have thoughts and ideas on this.

This is an interesting

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