Recommendations for Electro Music

Here is a list of electro music that I like. If you are interested in more recommendations, check out my podcast recommendations or my 36C3 video recommendations.

DJ playing on stage


excellent for working or just as a background music

rather relaxed, but especially the beginning is really good

one of the first sets I ever listened to and still really good – if you find the name of the first track, please tell me!

relaxed, good for working and as background music

A little more intense, but really good

Even more intense

The good stuff starts after half an hour

good for work

Individual tracks

fantastic track

good remix of a popular electro track
and the original track:

nice orchestra version of a famous electro track:
and the original

Rather melodic

Melodic and somewhat epic

“That one Kerala Dust song”

Awesome relaxed track, somewhat latino vibes and almost not electro

nice one

very melodic

very relaxed track

nice oriental style track

relaxed, somewhat oriental

a bit oriental

oriental and relaxed

melodic and quite catchy vocals

Balkan and electro swing style

nice track with exotic vocals

soft and a bit repetitive, good for studying

relaxed, long build-up

very majestic

Summer electro dance track? not sure. But a nice track.

relaxed, insanely long build up, but a nice track

boom boom boom. But very good.

Also boom boom boom. Also very good.

Same category. boom boom boom.

Umtsss umtss umtsss. A bit industrial, but also not quite.

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