I’m For Rent Now!

I previously tried to encourage donations to effective charities by making political bets or by offering to match your donations. Now I have another idea that I hope will help you as well as others around the world: I will offer myself for hire. The idea is simple: I help you with certain tasks, and in exchange for that you donate money. If you would like to take up the offer, just contact me.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things I could do for you:

  • set up your retirement savings. Ever thought you really should start to save and invest in stocks, ETFs or the like? You want to take advantage of Riester? I can do that for you.
  • Make sure you adhere to your plans The idea is simple and a bit like beeminder. You give me a set of goals and some dates when you want to have these goals fulfilled. I will remind you about them and every time you fail your goals, you have to donate more money.
  • Help you set up and maintain a website
  • Help you with statistical questions and analyses
  • Help you with R
  • Program things for you
  • Give Rhetoric or Debating trainings (For further infos, see here)
  • Proof-read anything, e.g. your thesis. I can be very very pedantic if need be. And people have told me my feedback on their work helped them a lot.
  • Help you design things with GIMP, Inkscape, InDesign or the like.
  • Help you write texts or translate something


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