Get Fit and do Good

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Back in June I made a bet with a friend, Franzi: she had to do 10 pull-ups by September 1st, I had to do 15. For every pull-up less than that target, we would have to donate 10€. For every pull-up more, the other one would have to donate 10€ .

That was a lot of pull-ups. Eventually we both hit our target, (she did 11, I did 17) so it’s time for a new bet. This time it’s 40 push-ups for me and 30 push-ups for Franzi until Christmas. For every push-up less than that it’s 5€ for charity, for every push-up more it’s again 5€ for charity that the other has to donate. I also made a new pull-up bet with another friend, Rebecca: 25 for me until Christmas, 5 for her for the same 10€ conditions. This time I’m a bit less confident about it, but we’ll see.

If you want to join and set a fitness goal (or any other quantifiable goal) that you’re willing to bet about, write me a message and we’ll negotiate the terms. If you want, we can also bet about anything else, as long as you agree that the money be donated.

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